Monday, July 2, 2012

Questions, Comments, Insults or Haiku.

“Blog.” Everybody and their mother already writes one of these things. What compels a person to believe that they can stand out in the overly-cluttered cyberspace? Whether or not anybody ever does stand out, Facebook newsfeeds and Google searches are and will remain watered down with the ramblings and opinions of the under-educated masses. Please do not get the wrong idea; even as a bright-eyed youngster with a Bachelor’s degree I am still a dues paying member of the under-educated masses. My opinions and thoughts may swim in the remains of the proverbial brain-vomit known as “internet blogging”. But does that mean I should not try?

I have a feeling that the undisputed answer to that question is a Daniel Bryan-style YES!.  Honestly, I agree. I probably should not try to stand out. The likelihood that I will become an internet millionaire is so incredibly low that I most likely have a better chance at winning the lottery. And of course, I play the lottery. I like to take my chances. 

With all of that being said, I have decided to start another blog. Another? Well, yes. I am already the writer of “My Adventure Through Film” – a film reviewing blog that has surpassed 100,000 views. I have an unrivaled passion for movies of all genres, themes and persuasions. That should be the first thing you know about me. Though this blog will not center on movies, it would be a fool’s bet to think the subject will be actively avoided. Because it is obviously important to try and create some kind of interpersonal relationship with internet readers – and I brought it up through complete habit – here are my 10 favorite movies ever made (in order):

There you go. Now you know my favorite movies. I feel like we are bonding already. But I have a movie blog. I don’t need to continue tricking out my one pony. Rather, I am going to out myself right away. I am a massive fan of professional wrestling. My 10 favorite wrestlers (in order)

10. “Macho Man” Randy Savage 
9.  Shawn Michaels
8. Kurt Angle
7. Bill Goldberg
6. Chris Benoit*
5. Dean Malenko
4. Raven
3. Scott Hall
2. Mick Foley
1. Chris Jericho

See? I like other things and I rank them with an unequaled enthusiasm for my own opinion. I fully understand that wrestling is not something that will resonate with anyone outside of the mark-iest of websites, so I will try to keep my talk on that subject to an appropriate minimum.

This blog, like most I'm sure, will serve as a much needed outlet to my many ideas and opinions on all sorts of seemingly unimportant topics ranging from politics to John Waters. I may want to talk about the horrible atrocity that is racism, or maybe the atrocity that is Drew Barrymore. You'll never know. But not because I am unpredictable. Rather, because I wont have any idea either. Stick with me. This may be a process.

Oh yeah, I completely overlooked some of the basic information that a blogger ought to be ready to spill on demand. I am 22yrs old. My name is Jake Ray and I live in Nowhereville, Illinois where I currently work as a Case Manager Assistant for Big Brother Big Sisters of Central Illinois. I am in a committed and loving relationship with a beautiful woman who I would someday like to marry. My little brother is my best friend. For the sake of getting it out of the way, I am white and straight. Wait! Don’t click the X button! I promise there is one outstandingly unfortunate thing about me. I….am a ginger. I burn SO very easily in the sun. In fact, I burn in the winter. And I look awful on the beach. I’m not kidding  - see for yourself. 

Because it would be disgustingly cruel to leave you with that image, I’ll throw in a picture of Katy Perry. You’re welcome. 

For the ladies. You're also welcome. 

Now that we have passed the picture debacle, I can get started on providing the masses with hopefully interesting opinions and thoughts on a variety of subjects. If I have scared you away, I am sorry. If you have decided to bookmark this page and hope for the future, now is your chance for questions, comments, insults or haiku. 

 * I know. I'm sorry.

Song of the day - The Beatles - The Fool on the Hill

Monday Movie Suggestion - The Red and the White (Jancsó. 1967)

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  1. I enjoyed this post.
    You seem to know what you like.
    Can't wait to read more.